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What is the Indie Rock Disco?

The Indie Rock Disco started as a weekly pre-recorded 2 hour radio show on a different internet radio station which ran for nearly 2 years. Playing the best Indie and Rock music ever made and produced in the style of a nightclub not a radio show, with the music being non stop.  It then moved to a community radio station again as a weekly show, but this time presented live.  During the great lockdown of 2020 The Indie Rock Disco was done as a series of live web streams where it was suggested it would make a good radio station. So, thoughts were thought and things were done and The Indie Rock Disco Radio was born, launching on the internet in February 2021.   

The Indie Rock Disco Radio shares much of the same concept DNA as the original radio show, but playing non stop Indie Rock bangers 24 hours a day, commercial free.  There are no DJ’s or shows instead there are different rooms at The Indie Rock Disco each playing a different style of Indie and Rock music. The Main room is played out during the day, as its in the style of a night club there are no slow songs in the main room, just Indie and Rock bangers from across the years. The Chill Out Room is where you’ll hear all the slower tunes, for example, when it comes to Oasis, Roll with it, Rock and Roll star and Supersonic would be played in the Main Room while Don’t go away and Champagne Supernova get played in the Chill Out Room. You get the idea.  There is also The Old Skool Rock Room, The Ultimate 90’s room and the Cover Versions Room which are all pretty self explanatory and the Party Room in which it wouldn’t be unusual to hear The Prodigy, The Chemical Brothers and The KLF alongside The Killers, The Jam and some rather fine Indie rock remixes. To see the full schedule or more details on The Indie Rock Disco Radio’s rooms, follow the links in the menu at the top of the page. Thanks for reading & listening and spread the word.